HiveRealty Corp Real Estate Brokerage
HiveRealty wants to be both honest and transparent in the information that we share with you.

List your property with us and we will automatically provide you with a Comprehensive Comparitive Market Analysis.

> Want to know what your neighbour REALLY sold their house for?! This is how to find out. It's all part of the HiveRealty package

> Through the MLS system we are able to pull up the sales history of every comparable sold property in your area

> We then comprise our comprehensive CMA to ensure tat you are as informed as possible about the market trends in your neighbourhood

> Get real up-to-date pricing information on how much other properties similar to yours have sold for

> Once the CMA is complied we work closely with you to determine the best possible pricing for your property

Not all brokers provide you with this information, but HiveRealty is not your ordinary brokerage.